Monster Magnet 1


Introducing the Monster Magnet 1 – Small yet Stout!

Imprint your name or code with the 1LB solid steel pull of this durable magnet, encased in vibrant Red, Blue, or Green plastic. Dimension — 9/16″ HEX. x 1 3/4″ Long
Ideal for efficient magnetic separation in recycling.
Invest in this cost-efficient, custom solution for streamlined recycling operations today!

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The Monster Magnet 1 is Small but Stout.

  • 1LB of solid steel pull.
  • Dimension — 9/16″ HEX. x 1 3/4″ Long
  • Durable Plastic Casing
  • Available Colors: Red, Blue and Green

Please Note:

  • There is a 16 character limit per line .
  • Only letters and numbers can be imprinted, no special characters, logos or emojis.
  • All text that is imprinted will be in UPPERCASE.
  • There is a $12 fee for orders with less than 100 of the same imprint.
  • All sales are final.
  • Please verify your imprint in the cart before checking out, if you need to modify your imprint please do so before checking out. If you would like to make changes to your imprint after you have placed your order, please do so by e-mailing us at with your order# in the subject line.

*Please note that due to Covid-19 impacts, Imprinting and Shipping times are varying from the normal 30 days or less to about 8 weeks. Thank you for understanding in these times.*

Facts about scrap metal magnets:

  1. Magnetic Separation: Scrap metal magnets are crucial in the recycling industry for their ability to separate ferrous (iron-based) metals from non-ferrous materials, making the recycling process more efficient.
  2. Permanent vs. Electromagnets: There are two main types of scrap metal magnets—permanent magnets, which always have a magnetic field, and electromagnets, which are powered by electricity and can be controlled as needed.
  3. Lifting Power: Scrap metal magnets vary in lifting power. Some can handle a few pounds, while industrial magnets can lift several tons of metal.
  4. Applications: These magnets are used in various applications, from scrap yards and recycling plants to construction sites and manufacturing facilities.
  5. Safety: Safety precautions are essential when working with scrap metal magnets. They can attract heavy objects suddenly, posing risks to operators if not used carefully.
  6. Environmental Benefits: Scrap metal magnets contribute to environmental sustainability by aiding in the efficient recycling of metals, reducing the need for mining and conserving resources.
  7. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of scrap metal magnets. This includes checking for wear and tear, ensuring proper electrical connections, and monitoring for magnet strength.
  8. Scrap Metal Types: Magnets are effective for sorting various scrap metals, including steel, iron, stainless steel, and more. They help segregate materials for recycling and processing.
  9. Cost-Efficiency: Investing in high-quality scrap metal magnets can lead to significant cost savings in the long run by streamlining recycling operations.
  10. Custom Solutions: Some magnets are tailored to specific industries, offering custom features like adjustable strength and specialized designs for unique applications.

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Assorted, Green, Blue, Red


with Chain (Uninstalled), with Chain (Installed), with Ring


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