Antique & Jewelry Test Magnet 6 lb N52 Neodymium Rare Earth – Brass Body


Solid Brass Test Magnet.  Contains The Most Powerful Grade of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet (N52). Primary Use:Hobby, Jewelry, Antiques Metal Testing

Range Discount
2 - 4 $0.40
5 - 9 $0.80
10 - 24 $1.60
25 - 49 $2.00
50 - 99 $2.40
100 - 249 $2.80
250 - 499 $3.20
500 - 999 $3.60

Product Specifications

  • Part Number:KMB02-H
  • Case Material:Aluminum
  • Magnet Grade :N52
  • Magnet pull force:6.5 lbs. / 3 kgs
  • Dimensions:1.5″ x 0.375″ 0.5 ozs.
  • Primary Use:Hobby, Jewelry, Antiques Metal Testing
  • Secondary Use:Light Duty Pickup / Retriever Magnet
  • Cap Material:Vinyl Rubber

Product Details

Discover the Antique & Jewelry Test Magnet

Looking for a handy tool with a bit of magic? Our Antique & Jewelry Test Magnet is here to make your life easier! Here’s why you’ll love it:

1. Unleash Magnetic Power: With an impressive N52 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet, it boasts a strong 6.5 lbs. pull force. It’s a small wonder with a big punch!

2. Versatile Wonder: Whether you’re into hobbies, jewelry, or antiques, this tool is your new best friend.

3. Metal Detective: Quickly identify and sort steel grades and metal alloys containing iron, nickel, or cobalt. No more guesswork!

4. Chrome or Shine: Easily tell chrome-plated items from polished aluminum, silver, and non-magnetic stainless steel.

5. Antique Brilliance: Separating solid brass and bronze from plated steel items is a breeze. Perfect for antique collectors!

6. Jewelry Gem: It’s your secret weapon for authenticating jewelry. Spot those fake pieces using steel or nickel base materials.

7. Super Magnet: Unlike weak hardware store magnets, this one is a powerhouse.

8. Go Magnet Fishing: Attach it to your fishing line and cast it in the water. You’ll find all kinds of treasures, especially near bridges.

9. Underwater Explorer: Use it as an underwater finder. When it latches onto something, you can pull it up with a larger magnet or boat winch.

10. Science Fun: Ideal for exciting science experiments that involve magnetism.

11. Brass Body: The solid brass casing not only protects the magnet but also makes it easy to remove iron and steel debris.

12. Proudly American: It’s made right here in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality.

13. Multi-Purpose Marvel: Beyond its primary uses, it’s a versatile tool for various tasks.

14. Rating Clarity: The 6 lbs. rating is for reference; it depends on the surface. It doesn’t indicate lifting capacity.

15. Cap Included: It comes with a handy vinyl rubber cap, which you can use as needed.

Don’t miss out on this amazing tool. It’s designed to make your life simpler, whether you’re a hobbyist, jewelry enthusiast, or antique collector. Ready to experience its magic? Buy now!


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