Scrap Metal Test Magnet 6 lbs. N52 Neodymium Rare Earth


Compact Metal Testing Magnet For Gold, Silver, and Scrap Metals. Contains The Most Powerful Grade of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet (N52). Primary Use:Industrial Scrap Metal Testing

Range Discount
2 - 4 $0.32
5 - 9 $0.65
10 - 24 $1.30
25 - 49 $1.62
50 - 99 $1.95
100 - 249 $2.27
250 - 499 $2.60
500 - 999 $2.92

Product Specifications:

  • Part Number: KM02-I
  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • Cap Material: Vinyl
  • Magnet Grade: N52
  • Magnet Pull Force: 6.5 lbs. / 2.95 kgs
  • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 0.375″
  • Weight: 0.5 ozs.
  • Primary Use: Industrial Scrap Metal Testing
  • Secondary Use: Light Duty Pickup / Retriever Magnet

Product Details:

  • Compact and Powerful: This scrap metal test magnet is compact yet powerful, featuring the highest grade of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet (N52) available.

Industrial Scrap Metal Testing:

  • Identify Steel Grades: Use it to identify and sort various steel grades and metal alloys containing iron, nickel, or cobalt.

Chrome Plated Items:

  • Differentiate Materials: Easily differentiate chrome-plated items from polished aluminum, silver, and non-magnetic stainless steel grades.

Brass and Bronze Identification:

  • Sort Metals: Identify and sort solid brass and bronze from plated steel items, which is especially useful in the antique market and hardware store.

Costume Jewelry Sorting:

  • Detect Base Materials: Identify some types of costume (fake) jewelry by detecting the steel or nickel base material often used under the plating.

Science Experiments:

  • Educational Use: Useful for science experiments involving ferromagnetism, making it a versatile tool for educational purposes.

6 lbs. Magnet Insert:

  • Reference Rating: The magnet insert is rated at 6 lbs. (Note: This rating depends on the magnet mating to a smooth, flat, unpainted steel surface and is provided as a reference, not a lifting capacity indicator.)

Durable Aluminum Casing:

  • Protection and Convenience: The aluminum casing not only protects the magnet from chipping and breaking but also facilitates the removal of iron and steel shavings.

Made in the USA:

  • Quality Assurance: These scrap metal test magnets are proudly manufactured in the United States, ensuring top-notch quality.


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