Metal Test Magnet With Handle 18 lb N52 Grade Neodymium Rare Earth


High quality industrial metal testing magnet. Perfect for scrap yards, pawn shops, jewelry stores and collectors. Primary Use:Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling And Precious Metal Evaluation (Gold & Silver),Secondary Use:Medium Duty Pickup / Retriever Magnet

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Metal Test Magnet With Handle 18 lb N52 Grade Neodymium Rare Earth
Product Specifications

  • Part Number:HM01-I
  • Case Material: Aluminum / Acetal Resin
  • Magnet Grade:N52
  • Magnet pull force:18 lbs / 8 kgs
  • Dimensions:6″ x 1″ – 6 ozs.
  • Primary Use: Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling And Precious Metal Evaluation (Gold & Silver)
  • Secondary Use: Medium Duty Pickup / Retriever Magnet
  • Cap Material: Vinyl Rubber

Product Details

Metal Test Magnet with Handle:

1. Powerful N52 Grade Magnet: This industrial-grade magnet boasts an impressive 18 lbs (8 kgs) pull force, thanks to its N52 grade neodymium rare earth magnet. It’s a reliable tool for various applications.

2. Versatile Industrial Use: This magnet is designed for the industrial scrap metal recycling sector, making it indispensable for scrap yards, recycling facilities, and metal evaluation in precious metal markets, such as gold and silver.

3. Precise Metal Identification: Use this magnet to identify and sort steel grades and metal alloys containing iron, nickel, or cobalt. It helps distinguish between various metals quickly and efficiently.

4. Chrome Plating Differentiation: Easily separate chrome-plated items from polished aluminum, silver, and non-magnetic stainless steel grades, streamlining the sorting process.

5. Brass and Bronze Identification: It’s a valuable tool for distinguishing solid brass and bronze items from plated steel products, benefiting antique markets and hardware stores.

6. Costume Jewelry Sorting: Identify some types of costume (fake) jewelry that often use steel or nickel as the base material under the plating, aiding jewelry stores and collectors.

7. Magnetic Pickup: Besides its industrial uses, this magnet is a versatile magnetic pickup tool, helping retrieve metal objects effectively.

8. Ideal for Science Experiments: Students and educators can use it for engaging science experiments related to ferromagnetism.

9. Durable Construction: Encased in an aluminum and acetal resin casing, this magnet is robust and protects against chipping and breaking. The vinyl rubber cap makes it easy to remove iron and steel shavings.

10. Made in the USA: Trust in the quality of this magnet, proudly manufactured in the United States, ensuring high standards and reliability.

Please note: Magnet pull force ratings are based on smooth, flat, unpainted steel surfaces and are for reference purposes only. Actual lifting capacity may vary.


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