Mini Keychain Magnet Hanger – N52 Rare Earth Magnet – Copper


Mighty-Mini Copper Keyring / Key Chain Magnet Assembly. Primary Use:Key ring hanging and storage

Range Discount
2 - 4 $0.35
5 - 9 $0.70
10 - 24 $1.40
25 - 49 $1.75
50 - 99 $2.10
100 - 249 $2.45
250 - 499 $2.80
500 - 999 $3.15

Product Specifications

  • Part Number: KMC01-H
  • Case Material: Copper
  • Magnet Grade: N52
  • Magnet pull force:4 lbs. / 1.8 kgs
  • Dimensions:.75″ x 0.375″ 0.6 ozs.
  • Primary Use: Keyring hanging and storage
  • Secondary Use: Tool hanging and storage

Product Details

Mighty-Mini Copper Keyring / Key Chain Magnet Assembly.

A powerful N52 grade neodymium rare earth magnet is encased in copper and comes with a split ring. This magnet is rated at 4 lbs of pull force.  Use it for:

  • Hanging Keys; attach to your keyring and hang on any plain/painted steel surface (even stainless steel in most circumstances). It easily held a set with a large carabiner and at least 20 keys.
  • Identifying and sort steel grades and metal alloys that contain iron, nickel, or cobalt
  • Identifying fake/plated jewelry, which often uses steel as the base metal
  • Identifying solid brass and bronze antiques (replicas are usually brass coated steel or iron)
  • Magic tricks and science experiments

The copper casing protects the magnet from chipping and breaking, which are common problems with unmounted rare earth magnets. It also provides a way to carry the magnet or hang it on a peg hook.  These magnets are made in the USA. The copper will patina to a brick reddish-brown. If you would like to keep it bright, clean with Brasso, or equivalent metal polish.


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