Strong Man Vinyl Coated Magnet


At 14oz the Strong Man can lift 150 Pounds!

Range Discount
2 - 10 $5.00
11 - 999 $6.87

Strong Man Magnet: Powerful Lifting for Diverse Uses

Lifting Capacity: 150 lbs of solid steel (the power of a Strong Man!)

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 1.31″ x 1.56″ (compact and portable)

Ideal for:

  • Fishermen: Retrieve lost lures, rods, reels, and more.
  • Handymen: Easily pick up tools, screws, and other metal objects.
  • Scrap collectors: Efficiently separate and gather ferrous metals.
  • Construction workers: Lift and move metal sheets, pipes, and beams.
  • Plumbers: Recover dropped tools and metal components from tight spaces.
  • And anyone who needs a reliable magnetic helper!

Important Note: These magnets are powerful! Do not use them on vehicles, as they can damage the paint upon removal.

Scrap Metal Magnet: A Versatile Tool for Many Needs

This heavy-duty magnet is perfect for various applications, from scrap metal collection and construction tasks to everyday handyman jobs and even fishing adventures.

Key Features:

  • Powerful lifting capacity: Handles up to 150 lbs of steel.
  • Compact and portable: Easy to carry and use in different locations.
  • Durable construction: Built to last with strong magnetic force.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Magnets:

  • Efficient recycling: Separates ferrous metals from non-ferrous materials for streamlined processing.
  • Variety of applications: Used in diverse industries, from scrap yards to construction sites.
  • Environmental advantages: Promotes sustainable practices by aiding in metal recycling.
  • Cost-effective solution: Saves time and labor compared to manual sorting methods.

Additional Information:

  • Types of magnets: Permanent and electromagnets are available, each serving different needs.
  • Safety precautions: Always handle magnets with care to avoid unintended attraction of heavy objects.
  • Customizable options: Certain magnets offer adjustable strength and specialized designs for specific purposes.

Invest in the Strong Man magnet and experience the power and convenience of a reliable magnetic tool!


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